Explore High Fidelity with Focal’s newest line of speakers.

Made in France at Focal’s specialist manufacturing facilities, Chora is a new generation of high quality yet affordable loudspeakers, featuring unique technology and design. Chora embodies French manufacturing quality and is an outstanding new entry into the hi-fi world.

These three new speakers feature a new speaker drivers equipped with the exclusive new Slatefiber cone, manufactured in France. With Chora, there is total harmony, and a full and generous sound.  

Made in France.


Chora 806 - 2-way bookshelf loudspeaker
TNF Aluminium/Magnesium Tweeter 
6.5” Slatefiber bass/midrange - Balanced midrange and powerful bass 

Chora 816 - 2.5-way floorstanding loudspeaker
TNF Aluminium/Magnesium Tweeter 
6.5” Slatefiber midbass - Dynamic and precise
6.5” Slatefiber woofer - Powerful bass

Chora 826 - 3-way floorstanding loudspeaker
TNF Aluminium/Magnesium Tweeter 
6.5” Slatefiber midrange - Balanced and precise midrange 
2x 6.5” Slatefiber woofers - Rigid cone for powerful bass 


Chora 806 in Light Wood


Chora 816 in Dark Wood


Chora 826 in Black


Slatefiber: The New Cone

Slatefiber is a unique new speaker driver material designed and manufactured by Focal in France. Behind its stylish, slate-effect looks hides impressive speaker cone performance, as a result of a range of technical innovations. Focal has introduced new materials: thermoplastic polymer, with non-woven recycled carbon fibres that achieve even greater damping, rigidity and lightness - the essential elements of a good speaker driver. With this exclusive and innovative cone, the sound reproduction of midrange frequencies is perfectly balanced and rich, with minimal colouration and plenty of dynamics. The soundstage is remarkable, for a true high-fidelity listening experience in your own home