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dCS products are high end – a combination of world-class craftsmanship and leading-edge technology – but those who invest in dCS have the chance to experience that unique, spine-tingling moment when the world stops and there is… only the music.


dCS Products

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The entry point to the world of dCS, Debussy combines the legendary dCS Ring DAC and our award winning USB technology to deliver an elegant DAC that will extract an amazing musical performance from any digital source.



The new dCS Rossini system makes superlative sounding music from a wide range of digital sources. This single box digital streaming player features the legendary dCS Ring DAC and digital processing platform, plus a custom high performance UPnP music streamer and CD transport. Rossini delivers a powerful and visceral sound yet it is highly transparent too, making for an immersive and realistic listening experience.



Vivaldi is a complete digital music playback system that offers unmatched sonic and measured performance. Designed for maximum flexibility with an array of input and output configurations it is easily set up and optimised for music systems with various sources. Vivaldi redefines state-of-the-art in digital playback, transforming your listening experience and taking your music collection to levels you have not heard before.




"The Rossini Player and Clock are a flexible, future-proof, superbly well-engineered, and equally superb-sounding complete digital source that, while still expensive, is more affordable than earlier dCS offerings."

— Stereophile

"The dCS Rossini sets a high standard for digital audio of all kinds today."

— Hifi Plus

"The dCS Rossini DAC and Clock are capable of exploding the listening experience into a fabulous psychedelic adventure constrained only by imagination and time."

— Audiostream