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Founded on the love of music, Absolute Sound Malaysia provides customised audio solutions that are befitting to your listening preference, interior design and budget. We also retail affordable off the shelve audio solutions for seamless integration and absolute performance.

Our Services

Providing sonically superior audio is the heart of our business. Besides high fidelity home systems, we also specialize in commercial integration and distribution.


Looking to set up a nice decent system for your home? Our team of specialists are more than happy to guide you through in building the right music system for you and your family!


Seeking to fill your space with quality sound? We have the products to make that a reality. Depending on your requirements, we work with specialist installers to give you nothing but the best.


Already have an existing system, and looking to enhance your sound? Speak to us, and we are able to suggest the right electronics/ speakers for you.

``A good system is 20% what you hear, and 80% how you feel about what you hear.``

Absolute Value Bundles

Enjoy great music with these personal home audio system packages, designed to give you maximum enjoyment and extra savings!

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To keep things fresh, we do rotate our setups from time to time. To help us serve you better, kindly contact us to let us know your product interest so we can make the necessary arrangements for you to get the most out of your visit.